Saturday, November 9, 2013


life rearranged
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(L) Love the Christmas wrapping paper I bought today. I know it's EARLY, but I need to be organised to post stuff home in time! 
(R) My first time to buy #yankeecandle candles! They don't sell them in NZ! These aren't for me though, they're for a friend's mum. :)

(L) A friend that I have known since we were 3 & 4 years old. The top photo is from 1997, and the one from 2011. It makes me smile.
(R) An Instagram about this.

(L & R) I really rather enjoyed my first experience of Bonfire Night in England! :)

(L) Hello beautiful new boots! Hopefully you will be arriving at my house in 3-5 working days! Hopefully you will also fit over my apparently quite wide calves, otherwise I will be very sad.  
(R) Just me, and a massive turtle hangin' out on a beach on the big island of Hawaii. Oh! And a guest appearance by the ROUNDEST GLASSES EVER!! Also, I totally wish I was still this tall and lanky. Apparently ALL my body was legs!!!

(L) So yesterday I discovered I was awfully blue and stripey!
(R) Half an hour after I took this photo, it poured down!!

(L) Now I want to go to the gym RIGHT NOW!! 
(R) Best pajamas EVER!!! 

Somehow I doubt this cenotaph will be finished by Sunday. :S



Emily Beth said...

darling boots! and yankee candle is the perfect way to usher in the holidays!... even if it was for someone else ;)

Jackie Hall said...

Oh my, I hope you are doing alright. It has been a bit since you have blogged. I can't say a word. The best I have done is put some other people Youtube video's I really enjoyed up on my blog.

I wanted to say I loved the boots you bought. And that I gagged when I saw the sweet with a jelly filling next to the magic poo. It looked as though someone baked the poo in the treat. I know EWW!

I really hope you are doing well and that your illness has not gotten so bad you do not feel up to blogging. I am hoping your teaching has kept you busy.