Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogember: A day in my life

I decide to approach this blog post by taking a bunch of photos throughout today, even though I didn't do very much, other than hang out with the cat, do a few errands in town, visit a potential possible job, and then come home, sit down and write this post!

Although, as you'll probably notice, I was quite a bit more enthusiastic at taking photos in the morning than I was tonight, when I may or may not have forgotten! Oops. :O

8:31am: Time for a furry wakeup call!
8:54am: I have fallen a tiny bit in love with this Minnie Mouse mug!
9:47am: Downloading a map.
9:53am: I suddenly realised that blue stripes seen to be my theme of the day!
11:13am: Who says England never has blue sky!?
11:43am: According to Starbucks, a duffin is what happens when donuts and muffins breed.
12:33pm: Spotted this in Next. Teehee.
12:53pm: First world problem alert! I had to put my jacket on inside as the M&S food hall was so cold!
12:56pm: Almost standing in the middle of the road to take this? Yes. Yes I was.
1:03pm: Apparently this refurbished cenotaph is going to be ready for Remembrance Sunday. Yeah. Maybe not?
1:39pm: Inside the art gallery, looking up at all the storeys. I love all the colourful layers.
2:32pm: About to go in to visit potential new work. :)
9:50pm: Writing this blog post!


Sarah said...

Haha love this! You're too cute! It's fun taking random photographs throughout the day!

Stephanie said...

Love your furry wake up call :)